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Magnets2Buy - buy magnets in UK.

Magnets for all Industries globally since 1914.
Magnets for Prototypes and Mass Production.
Stock magnets, magnet assemblies & custom.

We are creating a

    BRAND NEW Online Shop

You can still buy from us in the meantime by using phone, fax or email.
We will honour all the prices on this site plus you still have the same DSR Regulations (rights in relation to Internet Sales).

So please bear with us as we develop something extra special for you - it will be worth the wait.

About Eclipse:-

Magnets2Buy and Eclipse Magnetics

Based in Sheffield, the heart of the UK's Magnet Industry, Magnets2Buy is operated by Eclipse Magnetics Limited to allow businesses and the general public to buy magnets online. Eclipse Magnetics is a UK based manufacturer and supplier of magnets, magnetic components and magnetic assemblies to the UK, Europe and Rest of the World.
Eclipse Magnetics, founded in 1914, has over 100 years of magnetics experience and is a world leader in magnetic technology. The Magnets2Buy online magnet shop is mainly used by companies based in UK and Europe but we do trade internationally. Although you can buy magnets online you can always contact Eclipse Magnetics for a Quotation - Eclipse Magnetics delivers across the globe.
Eclipse Magnetics has a Joint Venture in China allowing the highest quality with reduced cost for high volume magnet production runs.
If you have any magnet supply questions (e.g. technical, custom production, availability, delivery charges outside of Europe, etc) then please contact us.

Business Customers

All our magnets are ISO9001 certified with RoHS and REACH compliance. Eclipse Magnetics also has ISO14001. Eclipse Magnetics Limited can also supply magnets with PPAP (e.g. Level 3 PPAP) or PSW to TS16949 or alternatively with FAIR (First Article Inspection Report) as part of a custom production service.
We also have 3D FEA software as part of our complete Technical Support Service.
We can supply NdFeB (Neodymium Iron Boron, Neodymium, Neo), SmCo (Samarium Cobalt), Ferrite (Ceramic), Alnico, Compression Bonded, Injection Molded, Flexible (calendared and extruded), FeCrCo, Soft Ferrites, Powdered Irons, Electromagnets, Electro-permanent magnets and a wide variety of stock and customised magnetic assemblies, magnetic products and magnetic accessories - we offer a complete magnetics service. If you have any questions (e.g. technical, custom production, availability, etc) about any magnets or magnetic products or if you can't find the product you require then please call us or please send Eclipse Magnetics an email.
Also if you have an enquiry requiring special prices for bulk purchases then please get in touch with Eclipse Magnetics for high volume and contract magnet supply.

Industries Served

Eclipse Magnetics supplies magnets and magnetic assemblies to all Industries across the globe.
Prototype samples to mass production or stock items to custom design - Eclipse Magnetics is a world leader in magnetic technology for providing solutions to your applications.
We can supply magnets with PPAP, FAIR and CofC as required (please contact us to discuss with us your requirements before ordering).

Public Customers

Our main customer base is OEM businesses across various industries. However anyone, including members of the public, are welcome to buy from us. If you have any questions (e.g. technical, custom production, availability, etc) about any magnets or magnetic products or if you can't find the product you require then please contact us .

Contact Eclipse Magnetics

Eclipse Magnetics is based at Atlas Way, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S4 7QQ in England (UK). We welcome enquiries for customised magnets, customised magnetic assemblies, prototypes, bulk supply, technical support, visits, etc. Please use the below:-
to phone Eclipse Magnetics:-
                          +44 (0)114 225 0600
to email Eclipse Magnetics:-

Eclipse Magnetics - a New Online Shop is coming soon

Find UK magnets online using the Quick Links below or select "All Products" to view all our UK magnet shop range. More magnet product ranges can be seen at Eclipse Magnetics also produces magnetic assemblies and custom magnets.

Further information:-

Sampling magnets for Bulk Supply

All magnets you buy from Magnets2Buy to test as samples for your application will be of the same quality and performance as magnets Eclipse Magnetics will mass produce for your own production run bulk supply requirements. The magnets are from the same production run processes. If the samples you buy from us work in your prototype, be assured that our mass production magnet supply will also work for you.

Custom Magnet Production

Eclipse Magnetics manufactures and supplies custom magnets to meet the most demanding customer requirements. We can also hold stock in UK for calling off.
If you cannot find the right magnet size or shape, the right magnet type or grade or the right magnet coating type, we can supply you.
Custom made magnets can be low in cost - if the required quantities are large enough production costs become low.
Click here for more information on custom magnet production.
Or simply contact us to discuss your requirements or to arrange a visit.

Magnetic Assemblies

Eclipse Magnetics designs, models, manufactures and supplies custom magnetic assemblies to meet the customer's quality requirements.
We can supply you with your magnetic assemblies or magnetic sub-assemblies, from magnetically and mechanically balanced high speed rotors through to automotive and aerospace assemblies through to loudspeaker assemblies and Halbach Arrays.
Our Chinese Joint Venture allows us to be price competitive while retaining the highest quality. We can also work under NDA as necessary to retain customer product confidentiality.
Click here for more information on custom magnetic assembly production.
Or simply contact us to discuss your requirements or to arrange a visit.

More Eclipse Products

This website contains only a small part of our product range that we are able to sell online. To see more of our range, and additional products, please visit our company website
Eclipse Magnetics website.
If you cannot find the magnet you require or need assistance please let us know - we can supply you.

Distribution Products Catalogue

The new Eclipse Magnetics catalogue is here.
This catalogue contains products that are carried by our distributors. It contains some products that are not on this website and there are products on this website that are not in the catalogue. If you have any query about any products in the catalogue or on this website, please call us.
New distributors wanted - Call us if you are interested in distributing Eclipse Magnetics products.