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Testing Equipment | Pole Indicator, Magnetic Polarity Tester (scroll down for more information)

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Please note that the dimensions shown below are in mm unless stated otherwise.

*Where appropriate (A) is the magnetisation Axis - it shows the axis the magnet is magnetised in; the number before it is the distance between the N to S faces.

Part NumberProduct DescriptionUnits in each PackPrice per PackNumber of Packs Required
MPI/100Magnet pole indicator 1 25.00 / 31.25 Quantity    

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Magnet pole indicator - shows the north or south pole of magnets.

Pocket sized.
Battery powered (includes batteries)
Red LED lit = North face detected
Green LED lit = South face detected

Polarity check
Error detection and analysis
Quality control
application use example - in electric motor assembly

+/- 15mT on/off hysteresis
Weight: 31g including batteries
Dimensions: 134 x 22 x 19mm
Battery: 4 x 1.5v button cell
Buzzer and LED indication
Operating temperature: 0 to 50°C

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