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Flexible-Sheet,Tape,Label,.. | Magnetic Inkjet Printer Paper (scroll down for more information)

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Please note that the dimensions shown below are in mm unless stated otherwise.

*Where appropriate (A) is the magnetisation Axis - it shows the axis the magnet is magnetised in; the number before it is the distance between the N to S faces.

Part NumberProduct DescriptionUnits in each PackPrice per PackNumber of Packs Required
FM651Magnetic Inkjet Paper - Matt White, pack of 10 A4 10 8.99 / 11.24 Quantity    

Buy Magnetic Inkjet Printer Paper

We supply A4 sized printable magnetic sheet which can be passed through an inkjet printer or a laser printer. The finish is a matt white. Once printed you can magnetically put straight onto a ferromagnetic surface (e.g. fridge door, mild steel cabinet) or you can easily cut to size with scissors, craft knife, etc and then magnetically put up in place.
With the A4 magnetic inkjet printable paper, you can create anything you like the limits of what you can print are endless. Photos, labels, signs, menus, invitations, pictures, drawings, artwork, graphics, documents, certificates, literature, adverts, reward charts you control what you print and how it should look; create it on your computer then print it out. For best results print one sheet at a time.
We supply the A4 magnetic printing paper with a matt white finish.


Buy Magnetic Inkjet Printer Paper