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Alnico Magnets (scroll down for more information)

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Alnico magnet material is very stable and is ideal for very high temperature applications - up to 550°C!!

Alnico Magnets are sometimes also known as Red Magnets - Alnico is sometimes given a red protective paint layer. In the 1950s Eclipse launched the red painted magnet range. Red nmagnets not only became the most popular colour for magnets, but the shapes and sizes of that range also set a standard that is still recognised worldwide.
For note some ferrite pot magnets are also red coated and are also correctly classified as part of the Red Magnets range.
Eclipse Magnetics branded Red Magnets are the original red magnets range and are still the best commercially available.

Note: Some Alnico Assemblies may only be suitable for much lower temperatures than the 550°C. They are made from more than one material and their differing expansion rates and the adhesive temperature limitations used may cause the assembly to fail at significantly elevated temperatures.

Alnico material is very hard and can only be machined by grinding.

Typical applications:
  • ABS braking systems
  • Reed switches
  • Electricity meter damping
  • Holding / clamping
  • Microwave applications
  • Weighing scale damping
  • Electro-permanent systems
  • Calibration
  • Heat treatment jigs / fixtures

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Buy Alnico Magnets