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Magnetic Workshop Tools | Magnetic Tool Rack, Magnetic Knife Rack (scroll down for more information)

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Please note that the dimensions shown below are in mm unless stated otherwise.

*Where appropriate (A) is the magnetisation Axis - it shows the axis the magnet is magnetised in; the number before it is the distance between the N to S faces.

Part NumberProduct DescriptionUnits in each PackPrice per PackNumber of Packs Required
EM985-RMagnetic Tool Rack 1 8.60 / 10.75 Quantity    

Buy Magnetic Tool Rack, Buy Magnetic Knife Rack

Keep your tools or utensils handy but out of your way.
Use to keep magnetic knives in place.

Magnetic Tool Rack, Magnetic Knife Rack, Magnetic Knife Strip, Magnetic Tool Strip.
SIZE:- approximately 350mm long

2 x 13.8 inch magnet bars provide 1kg of pull.

Screw fix to a convenient wall. Fixings are tidily hidden.

Not all knives are magnetic (e.g. many stainless steel knives) - some knives will attract to the magnetic surface; some knives will not atract to the magnetic surface. Magnets struggle to hold as well onto curved surfaces (due to point contact) - large flat surfaces are best for best hold. Heavy knives may possible slide depending on the knive design. When using as a knive rack, test suitability in a safe environment to ensure knives will safely be held in place before putting on wall.

No knives, utensils or tools are included with this product (only the Magnetic Tool Rack itself).

Buy Magnetic Tool Rack, Buy Magnetic Knife Rack